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Teaching Opportunities Available Through Internships and Co-op
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Students pursuing a B.A. in English should participate in teaching opportunities during their university years. It is vital to understanding the learning atmosphere of your potential students and it gives you experience in effective teaching techniques. The opportunities for teaching internships vary from university to university, but there may be some available in your local area. For instance, returning to an old high school to assist teachers can count as experience for prospective employers. Scoping out local teaching opportunities is first priority then you can maneuver into the global aspect.

Find the perfect internship available for you in your field of interest. You can find information online, in your community, and in libraries. Ask for help by contacting your university’s intern coordinator in the Education department. Also, utilize your network for more success because the more people that knows about your pursuit, the more people that will be available to help you. This should not be taken into account alone so follow through with a plan to find the right teaching opportunity for you.

Co-op teaching opportunities require you to work with an employer full-time for a whole semester. In co-op teaching opportunities, you can determine which semesters you prefer to work and earn credit from your university. This is an exciting way to get experience and compensation to practice the skills you have learned. Prospective employers look into the documented success you have with previous companies before offering interviews or position to work for them; if you plan to be a teacher – teach. Education is not given a theoretical perspective any longer because of the new technologies advancing in our growing society. Students must have experience in order to be competitive in the job market after graduation. Teaching opportunities rests in internships and co-op; the field is limitless.

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